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Welcome to the new Victorian Drag Boat Racing website!

 'This year the VDBC is celebrating 25 years of drag boat racing in Victoria. From humble beginnings of a handful of members and boats, and with a simple click system manually operated to time boats over the quarter mile, to today, 135 members and dozens of boats on the register, to the latest dual lane timing system that rivals the best in the world. We now call the National Water Sports Centre in Melbourne home, possibly the worlds best venue for drag boat racing. So why the letter?


 The VDBC, does not own 1 drag boat. What they do have is the venue, a $25,000 state of the art dual lane timing system, which gives competitors reaction time, half track mph and elapsed time, and either 1000' or 1320' capabilities depending on conditions. We also have a state of the art Rescue boat, which debuts this month on the 24th, which is designed to lift a drivers safety capsule or driver from the water onto the boat for emergency treatment. We're currently in the market for jet ski to also assist in rescue and towing a broken boat or towing a hydro to the start line. We have experienced rescue personal, timing operators, commentator, pit control, a starter on the water, and other people within the club also doing various things around the race track on race day, our own public liability insurance, our own licensing and rule book. So, here it is! Given that we have all this infrastructure in place, it's time for you, to come race with us and have some fun racing the liquid quarter mile! We run qualifying sessions until a given time, eliminations and finals, with points allocated to your boat in the race for the High Points Championship at season end! So what about it? Bring your boat along on race day and if you would like more information on how you can get involved in either racing or helping us along the way, please call our Secretary, Chris Buhagiar on 03 97075500. Thanks for reading, but start calling Chris NOW and join us on the holding rope! 


Prez Says!

G’Day to all the members and friends of the VDBC! On behalf of myself, and the new incoming committee we would like to congratulate the past President Paul Colgan, the past committee on an outstanding race season 2012-2013, they have set a new bar which we will endeavor to surpass, with your help. It has been a long time since I led the club, from the beginning back in 1985 for 6 continuous years, until 1991. I’m very pleased to be accepted back as President and accept the challenges that lie ahead for the club. Fortunately, I have a great list of committee members that also accept the same challenges and are willing to get in and get the job done. Even though it’s the offseason, there is plenty going on behind the scenes preparing for the coming race season, which you will read about elsewhere in this newsletter.


What has been so pleasing to see is members now coming together and getting involved in club matters, but we still have much room for improvement! I guess I want to promote a famous quote from John F Kennedy but change the words a little. "Don’t ask what the club can do for you, but ask what YOU can do for the club"! Don’t be a stranger, the new committee door is always open for you, and please contact me for any offerings you might have.


Gary James

President VDBC inc.

Rescue 1 Gets Make Over!

After 15 years since its last makeover, Rescue 1 is about to undergo its biggest transformation yet, to be able to retrieve a capsule onto the front of the boat. The work has already started, with the removal of the current gurney crane and driver recovery frame. With the expert fiberglass work from JT Fiberglass Products in Bayswater, the boat will receive a new extended floor on the front of the boat, extra floatation and strengthening to able to hold the construction of an aluminum ‘H’ beam frame and electric winch capable of lifting up to 1 ton of weight. In the (unlikely) event of a capsule boat coming to grief, Rescue 1 will now be able to connect to the drivers capsule and bring the entire capsule with driver contained into Rescue 1, where our safety crew can do go to work and ensure the best possible care for the driver. We do however need a company to sponsor us or at least the cost price of the aluminum required to complete the project. If any member or members contacts can help us please call Gary James on 0497 562 612. Plans have been drawn up, so we can get to work in readiness for start of the new race season.

Below are some pics of Rescue 1 during removal and what he hope to achieve as seen by the LODBRS Res-cue boat at the bottom of the page


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